<div style="display: none"> <H1>Cost of huggies diapers</H1> <p class='main'>With the every rising costs of huggies diapers a discount or promotion can ease the costs that many parents face today. Be a wise shopper and ensure that you are paying actively looking for deals to reduce your costs for huggies diapers.</p> <H1>Choosing Between Cloth and Disposable huggies diapers</H1> <p class='main'> Over the years many new parents have had to make the choice of whether to use cloth huggies diapers or disposable huggies diapers on their child. Disposables have been around since the early 1960s and cloth has been used for thousands of years. The choice of what to use will affect your child's health and comfort along with your finances and the environment. There are pros and cons to each type of diaper.</p> <p class='main'>Disposable huggies diapers seem to be the most popular choice of new parents. There are many reasons why this is. Disposables are convenient and easy to use. They can be thrown away instead of washed after one use. They are ideal for those who tend to travel a lot and cannot use cloth. They also leak less and have a tighter fit than cloth huggies diapers.</p> <p class='main'>However, disposable huggies diapers have cons as well as the pros. They are extremely more expensive than their cloth counterparts, in fact you will spend approximately $1,500 on throw away huggies diapers before your child is potty trained. You will have a harder time potty training your child compared to if your child wore cloth huggies diapers. They are bad for the environment because they do not disintegrate. Also there is a chemical in them that has been known to cause TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome.</p> <p class='main'>Cloth huggies diapers are a less popular choice for new parents because of the inconveniences they bring. Cloth is much less expensive than disposables because they can be washed and reused. This also helps them be more environmentally friendly. It is also a proven fact that children who wear cloth have less diaper rash that those who wear disposables. Children in fabric huggies diapers tend to potty train easier and faster than those who wore throw away huggies diapers.</p> <p class='main'>You should remember that with the good comes the bad. Cloth huggies diapers are usually fastened with pins, however, you can find Velcro and snap closures. If you decide to send your child to day care you will have to find one that is okay with changing them. Many day care centers will not accept a child it he or she wears cloth. They are not very good for traveling with and they tend to leak much worse than disposable huggies diapers.</p> <p class='main'>All in all the decision whether to use cloth or disposable huggies diapers is completely a personal choice. It is up to you whether you want something more convenient or something that helps out the environment. You have to make the decision on what is best for you, your family and your schedule. Choose wisely, because what ever you decide have more affect on your child than you think. Many parents have to use cloth because their child is allergic to disposable and vice versa. Although the chance of your child being allergic to material used in them is slim to none there is still that chance. Go to <a href='http://www.huggies.com'>Huggies Website</a></p> <H1>Changing huggies diapers</H1> <p class='main'> Diapering a baby is a necessity but to look at it as a daily chore would probably rob one of the magic between guardian and child at changing time. It is indeed a special time for parent and child. The parent feels the intimate act of diapering is an exhibition of love and affection. To a child, diaper changing time brings love, reassurance and security. </p> <p class='main'>With the right sequence of diapering, the baby enjoys and experiences the basics of health and safety. The parents also get in the right rhythm with the baby. Generally, it helps in the child's growth, as slowly and steadily a child learns to be independent. </p> <p class='main'>Diapering should be a teaching tool which can be used successfully to help children learn to be hygienic. It can also be the first step to toilet training. Moreover, with the passing of time, children often learn to be more responsible doing the diaper-changing themselves without the intervention of their parents. </p> <p class='main'>In a word, diaper changing helps children be conscious about their bodies. Parents should encourage their children to actively take part in diaper changing making it a fun-time to enjoy. </p> <p class='main'>One should be cautious about huggies diapers as they need to be spotlessly clean and dry. The diapering surface may be a little elevated, but you need to be careful not to leave the child alone on it. Talcum powders, as a rule, should be avoided. Unknown ingredients in them may cause undesirable irritation on the tender skin of a baby. Always wash hands and make sure you clean the baby's genital areas well when changing huggies diapers.</p> <H1>The Great Diaper Debate</H1> <p class='main'> Way back when in the days of Home Ec, one favorite class was 'how to diaper baby'. Turning a flat piece of absorbent cotton into a comfortable, well-fitting nappy was a trick that seemed to require the dexterity and legerdemain of a trained magician. Worse, diapering the baby clumsily came with the very real fear of jabbing a squirming infant with a diaper pin. Generations of mommies suffered pinpricked fingers rather than risk a scratch to baby's delicate skin. <br> <br>All that changed with the advent of disposable huggies diapers. Even the unfitted, flat, uncomfortable first generation disposables were worlds above typical cloth huggies diapers for convenience and ease of use. Just unfold the back, pull the plastic up between the baby's legs and smooth it against his belly, and tape the back to the front. Voila! Instant diaper. Even better - no need for washing. No dirty huggies diapers soaking in a pail of borax. No smell, no fuss, no laundry service - just un-tape, wrap the diaper up and toss it in the trash. <br> <br>For mothers of my generation, Pampers was the dividing line between 'back then' and now. I can't count the number of mothers, grandmothers, aunts and older female relatives who started off a tale with 'Of course, we never had Pampers, WE had to..." <br> <br>The advantages were obvious: disposables were cleaner, more sanitary, more convenient. They did away with hours and hours of laundering and drying, making time for lots of other things. If you were the least bit conscious of disposal, you could completely eliminate the dirty-diaper smell - just wrap it up tight in a plastic bag in put it in the OUTSIDE trash. And no more wrestling with a squirming baby while you tried to pin his nappy closed, nor having the whole thing slip off his adorable little butt because you missed a layer of cloth when pinning. <br> <br>The disadvantages were not so readily apparent, but they were nonetheless real. The major point against disposable huggies diapers is a potent one: disposable huggies diapers may be great for mother, but they put an enormous strain on Mother Earth. Some facts: <br> <br>* Over 19 billion disposable huggies diapers annually end up in landfills - where they do not degrade. <br>* Disposable diaper makers use more than a million tons of wood pulp every year. <br>* The manufacturing process creates waste that contains dioxins, heavy metals and industrial solvents. <br> <br>In a world with limited resources, disposable huggies diapers consume resources and create pollutants and hazardous chemicals. Is the convenience worth the damage to the Earth? <br> <br>On the face of it, the debate does seem to be one more instance of man - in this case mommies - putting their own convenience above what's best for the world. <br> <br>But there's yet another side to the debate - disposable diaper. </p> </div>
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